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Creating photos is becoming more affordable. I share beautiful shots with friends all the easier. For example, Instagram, especially for them.

If you did not have this social network or did not register there, it's time to get your own account. We assure you, Instagram is interesting. All pitfalls are in the article on>. And we will continue and talk about the pros and cons of this portal. See more in the link for free Instagram like.

Instagram Features

Instagram is two concepts at once. Android and Android, but now developers are offering a site. Unlike applications, you can’t upload photos to the site, but you can edit the profile and just see the image feeds.

The program itself provides ample opportunities for downloading and uploading to Internet cameras or mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). The most popular features of the application:

  • creating snapshots and video files;
  • processing photos using special unique filters;
  • uploading images to the Internet and publishing them in your profile;
  • instant repost of messages in other social networks;
  • viewing photos of other users;
  • search for accounts of stars, popular personalities, just interesting people, for example, travelers;
  • communication on interests in the comments to the photo.

Pros and Cons of Instagram

Instagram is very popular due to its positive qualities, but, of course, it has certain disadvantages. Let's try to see how this social network differs from others.

Instagram Pros

I think that this can accidentally show others its reality, can be called brilliant. Instagram is a lot of different photos from a variety of people. Here you will find:

Quickly upload pictures to the Internet. In fact, you can broadcast your life online. New shoes, an interesting figurine, a funny inscription or a beautiful dish — all of them instantly find themselves in the global network;

Simple photo search by interests. Tags (hashtags) are used for it. There are city names and photos;

Simple subscription to other users' accounts. No, you can just subscribe to a person. This is used by fans of stars and media people.

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